Fiat 500 L : The most elegant Cinquecento

Fiat 500 L : The most elegant Cinquecento. The Fiat 500 F , produced from March 1965 met with immediate acclaim from the public and the press making it month after month, the best-selling car in Italy .

Despite continued success , sales in the first 68 months of a turnaround seemed to catch a glimpse of a ” trend” in any case more than positive.

Interpreting the tastes of customers become increasingly sensitive and demanding , Fiat thought of combining the F a version that equipped , leaving the mechanics, but it was more polished and enriched in these details, all with a price difference of about 10 % .

Thus was born the autumn of 1968, the Fiat 500 so that L will prove to be a huge success immediately , so as to reduce significantly its sales in Italy of F

In the first quarter of 1971, for every Fiat 500 F , were sold almost 7 Fiat 500 L.

Distinctive features of the model “Luxury” :

The interior boasts many changes ” in detail ” .

Interno Fiat 500 L d'epocainside you notice a black vinyl coating ” anti-glare ” , as well as a new tool derived from the larger rectangular Fiat 850 : the tachometer is Flow Rate at 130 km / h ; series is offered the fuel level indicator . The ashtray is more squared and chrome edges. The switches are more closely spaced than in F. New well as the steering wheel of the type ” sports ” : black, of greater thickness and a second metal spokes , the center of which is placed a new horn showing , on a red field , the logo ” Fiat ” . With the F / L is introduced as optionals such as ( by 1970) the anti-theft steering lock which also incorporates the key framework : models so set up a chrome cap is placed in the block center of the dashboard . At the base of the gearbox is placed a small console storage / coin purse black plastic . Feature of the Fiat 500 L is also the central pocket satchels new form .

The doors there is a new upholstery , common to the seats, in a particular texture ” to cannelloni .” Are abolished simply close the door handles , map pockets replaced by practices that perform the function of locking . Also modified the lever inside the opening ( in form and function ), which is to occupy a more rational arrangement . Elegant design that is also the power window handle is chrome in the first two series ( in conjunction with the door release lever ) ; only the third series ( since 1971) , they become black plastic .

New well the coating to the platform that provides a carpet bouclée .

The front seats are adjustable / reclining.
Outside : The 500 L has protections aggintive on the bumpers of the tubular type , such as to change the external dimensions slightly in length , which comes to measuring 3025 mm (instead of the usual 2970 mm).

Unique among all the series of the 500 L in Italy mounts the front license plate not more grille, under the title , ( as it would be hidden by the bumper tubular ) but is fixed , via its frame , just below the bumper blade.

La Fiat 500 di caimano500 - Fiat 500 nel mondoThe grille will notice a new a new logo stretched without a mustache that reflects the style of the major Fiat sedans ; on the rear door appears a new logogram lozenges : ” Fiat 500 L ,” also conformed to the current production of the House. With L , the decade now officially redundant name of ” new 500 ” . The following year also the F will adopt the new logo , but simply as : ” Fiat 500″

Fiat 500 1968Alle the seals of the windshield and rear window were included chrome profiles , while the drip turned coated with a glossy trim . Also new to the wheels : in addition to new chrome cups , are offered as standard radial-ply shell . The color range includes new colors particularly original , such as black and yellow Positano.

Starting from the F / L production after 1970 was amended lucetarga the position of the motor on the door , now positioned slightly higher than the previous series.

With the resounding commercial success of the Fiat 500 L (the current model even more widespread ) and F, it was necessary to complement the production of Turin , the lines Autobianchi of Desio (Milan) and SicilFiat of Termini Imerese (Palermo).

L'officina per le vostre Fiat 500 d'epoca

Raramente ho trovato tanta cura e passione come in questa officina. Ne parlo in questo articolo. Se siete vicino a Milano e vi serve una squadra di bravissimi meccanici per la vostra Fiat 500 d'epoca questo è il loro contatto: tel +39 338 776 7046, Via Fanfulla da Lodi, 01, Trezzano sul Naviglio, MI