Fiat 500 double love! (The young and the older)

Early morning , the sun arose again and I’am going to put me on the road with my new Fiat 500
This is happening today , but the same thing happened in the same way 30 years ago.
The thrill of the first time and others who has tried it, knows what I mean ….
The smell of the car again, levers, levers and still unknown controls, the control panel lights that turn on when I turn the key.

Well yes , I can say , I’m one of the lucky few that could try this emotion twice, in the same way.
What do I mean ? Fiat 500 of course! That in 1973 and 2014. Two machines that resemble much!
The 500 now attracts a lot of the previous model. Already a glance deceives us . Have you noticed ? If you see one at a distance, initially believe to see the features of a vintage Fiat 500. But the similarities do not end there. The look and try some sort of sympathy for her that no one has for the other machines . How so?
I admit, I am sick of the Fiat five hundred but I’ve never been so excited to purchase a car like this time !
Aboard the ‘ effect is very similar. The roundness of the passenger compartment will look like and the feeling of ” hug ” is the same. You have to pick up the child behind ? Here it is necessary to recline the seat as in the previous version . ( But this time you are no longer children / without children)
I do not know , there must be some kind of magic in this machine , but the emotion is the same as I feel when I step on my Fiat 500 1973. Fiat 500 double love !

Thanks Fiat !

L'officina per le vostre Fiat 500 d'epoca

Raramente ho trovato tanta cura e passione come in questa officina. Ne parlo in questo articolo. Se siete vicino a Milano e vi serve una squadra di bravissimi meccanici per la vostra Fiat 500 d'epoca questo è il loro contatto: tel +39 338 776 7046, Via Fanfulla da Lodi, 01, Trezzano sul Naviglio, MI