The Fiat 500 restoration (part one)

The Fiat 500 restoration (part one)


Are you a fiat 500  fan? Have you in the heart of the idea of ​​driving a cinquino ? In all cases it will be really difficult to find a car ready to use. Most likely, you’ll have to proceed with the Fiat 500 restoration

Buy a 30 years  old car without risking disappointments is not ‘easy .

The possibilities are basically three : you can buy a perfect condition  Fiat 500 ( but the cost will be high ) , you can buy a Fiat 500 in good condition, to limit the actions to be brought in perfect working order or you can buy a “cinquino”  to be scrapped (or already scrapped ) to replace it completely.

Probably the Fiat 500 in good condition is the best solution, also because much of the restoration may also be made by you, with great satisfaction and with reduced costs .


How to choose the Fiat 500 to buy

From ancient times the frame and the funds of the Fiat 500 were considered the starting point for the evaluation of the machine. The presence of the bubbles below the paint in the areas most slopes already indicate the presence of rust below. You should always be able to see the car on the bridge to inspect the frame.

In the event that the body or the bottom are rusted, my advice is to leave it alone. The work of blasting , or replacement of parts , box now irrecoverable is extremely long , laborious and expensive.


The purchase of Cinquino

Buy your Cinquecento only by private sellers. Just because the Fiat 500 is very simple it will not be difficult for you , or for your trusted mechanic, do a quick assessment of the car. As mentioned above , check that there is so much rust. A poorly maintained car body indicates a poorly maintained motor. Make sure that the Cinquecento has passed the review, at least recently . This should ensure the passage of the next review .

Before the Fiat 500 restoration there are some evidences to do before confirming the purchase, in particular:

– The electrical system : try the lights, the lights, the stop, the horn. Take a couple of attempts to start the engine to check battery status . It ‘s very likely that something will not work. Often these lights that sometimes do not light up . The spray antioxidants solve the problem very well.

Engine : bring the sixteenth century at a speed of 25 km per hour. Lamp GEN and press OIL should be off. The machine must reach 90 mph speedometer in the plains.

If you pass these tests this is the right cinquecento for you !

In the next article we will talk about the restoration of the frame. Stay tuned!

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